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A team of experienced experts

Our platform is designed to accompany and support decision-makers on their day to day decision making process. We share the best analytics to have the best performances on their investments. Our product is a solution to go through the entire value chain of each business.

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Who we are

Our team is made up of the best experts we identified in Europe who excel at combining their in-depth research with data to generate business to explore. We solve complex challenges and accompany our clients to offer them the best possible solutions.

At C2MA, we support you in your investment decisions :

Research experience
Deep analysis
Results orientation

• Our investment research designed to help clients achieve superior relative and absolute returns while managing risk.

• Our team of experts covers many companies across a range of industries.

• Our analysts provide informative, insightful and actionable research.

• We also provide clients with assets strategies, quantitative analysis and technical skills. In addition to financial information with fundamental analysis.

C2MA has started to include company ratings along with fundamental analyst ratings in strong environmental thematic research reports. We will continue to increase the number of reports and develop indicators based on rating information to meet the needs of our clients.


What we do

Our experts will help you optimize your investments plans and get you a better understanding of the great value you can get.
An independent firm

C2MA is an independent consultant firm.
We focus our research on consumer and industrial companies due to our proven experience in this area.

Exceeding your expectations

We are focused on meeting and exceeding your expectations. C2MA partners with the best investment institutions to bring unique insights and ideas to guide your investment decisions.

Talented thinkers

The advantage we bring to our clients is the result of talented thinkers and the pursuit of insights that have been overlooked by others.


Meet the team

C2MA provides clients with differentiated macro, commodity and equity analysis. As well as producing leading equity and commodity research, the team aims to help clients navigate through the different leading sectors and to accompany them in the best decisions.
Solaine CANTIN

Solaine Cantin is a highly skilled Senior Analyst with extensive experience in financial analysis, market research, and strategic planning. Currently at FinInsights Consulting, Solaine is recognized for her analytical acumen, strategic foresight, and dedication to excellence.

Solaine’s meticulous approach to data analysis, combined with her ability to communicate complex financial concepts clearly, has made her a trusted advisor to clients and colleagues alike. She is known for her strategic insights, which have consistently driven positive outcomes for her clients.

Director of C2MA, Solaine is celebrated for her strategic vision, financial expertise and leadership skills.

Senior Analyst

Gaetan Legault is a distinguished Senior Analyst with over a decade of experience in financial analysis, strategic planning, and data-driven decision-making.

In 2015, Gaetan joined Amundi as an Analyst in their Corporate and Institutional division. Here, he focused on providing in-depth financial analyses and supporting senior executives in making informed business decisions. His ability to translate complex data into actionable insights was instrumental in several high-stakes projects.

In 2018, Gaetan transitioned to EuroFinance Solutions as a Senior Analyst. At EuroFinance, he plays a crucial role in evaluating financial performance, conducting market research, and developing strategic financial models. His work supports major clients in making strategic investment decisions and optimizing their financial operations.

Gaetan is known for his meticulous approach to financial analysis and his ability to foresee market trends.

Research Analyst

Isabelle Schneider is a Research Analyst with a wealth of experience in market research, data analysis, and strategic insights. Currently working at Market Insights Ltd., a leading market research firm, Isabelle is known for her analytical rigor, comprehensive research methodologies, and ability to translate complex data into actionable strategies.

At Market Insights, Isabelle leads market research projects for a diverse portfolio of clients across various industries. Her responsibilities include designing research methodologies, conducting quantitative and qualitative analysis, and presenting findings to senior executives.

Isabelle’s expertise in data analysis and her strategic approach to research have made her a valuable asset to Market Insights Ltd. Her insights have been instrumental in helping clients understand market trends, identify opportunities, and make informed business decisions.

Christophe EVRARD
Senior Consultant

Christophe Evrard is a seasoned Senior Consultant with extensive experience in strategic consulting, business development, and financial analysis. Currently employed at StrategyPlus Consulting, Christophe is highly regarded for his analytical skills, strategic insights, and ability to drive client success.

Christophe leads key consulting projects, providing strategic guidance to clients across various industries. His responsibilities include conducting in-depth market analysis, developing strategic plans, and facilitating executive workshops.

Christophe’s strategic thinking, combined with his hands-on approach, has made him a trusted advisor to clients and a key contributor to the firm’s success. His insights have helped clients navigate complex challenges and seize new opportunities for growth.

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